Startup Hostel, a home in paradise for the doers of the world.



Startup Hostel is an all year round work retreat for the doers of the world. You can stay as long or as little as you like. You buy the tickets for the hostel and we'll cover your standard life expenses for your stay (accommodation, food, wifi, etc) - you pay outside-the-hostel expenses like flights, visas, clubbing, etc.

Generally, those interested fall into these four groups:

The Entrepreneur

You can work anywhere and everywhere! You have some savings lined up and are wanting your dollars to go as far as possible while you work on your great idea. It can get a bit lonely living by yourself late at night eating two minute noodles, so for the same price you'd much rather live with a ton of passionate amazing people in an amazing location, where you can bounce your ideas off others and potentially hire some of the residents to help make the next big thing. The hostel will provide an affordable environment of amazing people and an amazing location, it's all you could hope for at this stage.

The Student

Fresh out school or still in school! You've got a lot of passion but may not have all the skills or finances yet to make meaningful change. You'd really like to immerse yourself with other passionate people, put your potential to great use, develop great employable skills; while being mindful of your finances. The hostel offers you an affordable environment of amazing and supportive people who are fruitful of your personal growth, as well as work opportunities to help develop skills and secure your finances.

The Apprentice

You're skilled as heck, but stuck in the 9-5 drag and confident you can do more. You're looking for an opportunity which can unleash your full potential and just be surrounded by more amazing people like you! The hostel will be able to provide you with unique work opportunities that could be able to pay a portion or perhaps even all of your stay here, as well as an amazing new environment of friends and support to help grow yourself further down your path of career, friendship and success.

The Happy Employee

You're one of the few who love their current job and would never dream of leaving it. Your employer loves letting you attend the latest workshops, conferences, trainings and getaways because they know a happy and talented employee is a great asset to the company. The hostel offers you an investment to re-invigorate yourself to greater levels of enthusiasm, bring home new tangible skills and actions, as well as expose a new community to your company's work by running workshops at the hostel.


The hostel will have a very loose schedule, meaning that all events are optional, however out of the feedback of those interested we've come up with the following schedule:

Each Friday night 6-9pm there will be lightning talks were people can showcase anything nifty they've done throughout the week.

Every second Saturday we will hold presentations, workshops, and trainings that will be promoted outside the hostel to draw even bigger crowds, this is a great opportunity for you to showcase your work, present, network, and help make each other even better.


The hostel is founded on the values of open-collaboration; abundant and inclusive sharing of information, knowledge and expertise. It's the same principles behind the free culture movement, that of which open-source is a tool of. While closed source companies are welcome here, we expect that all companies share their expertise with each other and consider the hostel one big company with many individual projects, of which none are competitors but only allies and alternatives.


Setup for the hostel is underway and we're aiming to launch in Bali pretty darn soon. We're currently getting in contact with those interested, collecting deposits and scoping out the final locations. Once sufficient deposits have been received we'll book the hostel for the period and start accepting arrivals.


Who's behind this? The team behind Bevry — an open-source agency based in Sydney, Australia dedicated to empowering people everywhere.


We're aiming for a max of $3000 for a month and $2000 for 2 weeks for this initial batch. The ticket includes all your hostel life expenses, that being; accommodation, food, drinks, wifi, co-working area, and presentation area, with you only having to pay extra for your own extra-curriculum activities and outside the hostel expenses. This allows you to live in the hostel cheaper and in much better fashion (e.g. swimming pools, bars, massages, beaches) than back in the western world where living expenses are usually over $4000/month.


and we'll get in touch shortly. You can also , join our Facebook Group, and chat on IRC (#startuphostel on freenode).

If you're super eager to get signed up right away before availability runs out, send us an email right away with your bio, what you'll be working on during your stay, and when you'd like to arrive to the hostel and how long for :)

These 123 people have already registered their interest:


If this sounds like an amazing opportunity and you're serious about helping out, we have serveral sponsorship packages available that we'd love for you to be a part of. If you're interested, send us an email right away and we'll get in touch as soon as we can.


This is just the beginning. We plan on open-sourcing and documenting all the information in regards to the setup and maintenance of the hostel enabling others to create their own in their own ideal locations. We are especially keen on setting up another location in either Vietnam, Thailand or Goa in October 2013 as wet season hits Bali, so we can migrate over there for a while, then following on to either Madagascar, Seychelles or Fiji thereafter as well as other locations. Though any location is good by us, the big vision is to have locations all over world, were people can just hop from one location to the other whenever they want and always maintain that awesome community of people regardless.


The wallpaper of this website was taken by Joshua Gourneau at Startup Workaway 2012, a two week retreat in Thailand that Startup Hostel founder Benjamin Lupton attended. The person in the photo is Philip Ashlock, an open-government enthusiast, working during dusk in the restaurant of the accommodation. You can see the complete gallery of the event here, here and here (facebook login required). We also use this favicon. Here is our website's source :)